Applying flexible, team-based approaches to reducing costs in your products – while protecting quality and value

   We are pleased to provide these services:

  • Design and lead customized on-site savings workshops with your cross-functional team - see Case Studies
  • ​Lead product enhancement programs to add consumer value
  • Create a self-sustaining savings program, including coaching
  • Implement programs at suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Independently analyze your products to identify savings - also in Case Studies
  • Contribute value engineering during new product development

We provide solutions!  

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We start with a conversation.

With your needs understood, we learn what your consumers value, then analyze your costs in packaging, formulations and processes.  We create a custom approach for each business using proven methods - including innovation tools.  

Whether you have a savings program to revitalize or you don’t even know where to start, our factory-based cost savings workshop is the fastest way - under two months - to begin achieving measurable improvements to your bottom line.

Companies including Unilever, RB and Clorox have greatly benefited from this smart, sustainable savings approach!

Private-equity companies have also realized that working with us delivers lasting savings without adding to head-count or straining teams already stretched thin.

​Focusing on product value is our business.  You get a partner with 30+ years of experience actively leading your project.  You’ll know upfront what your investment will be; each project is finite so you cut a check once - when it's completed.  For the cost of what you’ll save on one small- to medium-sized project, you’ll gain a developed list of high potential net savings opportunities, from invisible tweaks to redesign and reformulation.  Hard to beat that ROI!

We have a lot of value we can actively provide and share: it’s up to you to decide how much you want!

Predictive analytics - freight intelligence, business compliance, & cost optimization software for parcel & LTL shipments

Formulation, deformulation, product testing & development

Discuss your challenges with us!

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