I have over 25 years of experience in the formulation of consumer products ranging from household cleaning to food and personal care.  My international experience in the industry provides insight into innovative ways to optimize product design and control costs to maximize gross margin.  Having worked closely with manufacturing and operations  functions throughout my career,  I also understand the issues that may increase the cost of products when they are handed over from R&D to the factory.   My additional experience in regulatory compliance enables me to approach gross margin improvement with these considerations in mind.

Shaun Rymer

Key Skills

Formulation – I have developed consumer products across many different product formats such as powders, liquids, tablets, wipes, creams and lotions; optimizing product performance to meet consumer needs with best practices from across the industry. 

Product Interaction – Having developed many different product formats that require unique packaging and delivery systems, I have knowledge of the critical interactions between formula and pack to deliver product cost effectively from aerosols, pumps, sprays, gadgets, and many different designs of bottles and cartons.

Manufacturing Integration – Having worked over 15 years at the interface of R&D and operations, I have valuable experience in developing efficient methods of manufacture, minimizing waste, managing purchased costs and handling raw materials, all of which are key to maximizing gross margin. 

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