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Shaun Rymer

Key Skills

Technical Innovation – I have extensive experience as a process and project technical leader having creatively redesigned and optimized manufacturing processes, including using lean manufacturing techniques to reduce conversion and total product costs.  My career includes over 15 years of designing and manufacturing consumer and ingredient food products.  I’ve also improved and controlled product quality through the use of new technology, data analysis, and employee coaching and oversight. 

Product Supply Management – It has been personally and professionally rewarding to successfully restructure supply chains and manufacturing operations to reduce conversion and ingredient costs especially with food products.  My extensive experience with raw materials and packaging components ranges from fields to final products. 


In over 30 years of supply chain management, I’ve worked extensively in manufacturing, engineering and technical product development through to launch.  Most of my work has been with the supply of food ingredient and consumer products.  I have been fortunate to spend significant time in R&D, process engineering, project management, manufacturing management and total product supply