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Catherine RoyShaun Rymer, Steve Keller, Jim Blaha, Jim Cavanagh

Shaun Rymer

Key Skills

Formulation Technology – I have developed many commercial and institutional products, gaining a strong understanding of the regulatory framework and the processes required to implement innovative design solutions.

Strategy – In developing products for major blue chip companies and creating strategic alliances for global clients I have brought strategic thinking to, and provided roadmaps for, company product pipelines. These commercial insights are equally applicable when evaluating cost optimization strategies.

Water Technology – As part of the water technology network I assist companies in chemical and technical water treatment solutions especially in developing markets, gaining a valuable global perspective.


With 20 years in research and development, I have rolled out numerous home and personal care products for the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.  My expertise involves formulation of laundry, dish wash detergents, all purpose cleaners and skin care products. This is coupled with in-depth knowledge of water testing technologies.  My key regions of R&D activity span several countries including the US, Europe, Africa and Brazil.