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Frequently Asked Questions - for infrequent questions, give us a call!

I have sustainability goals too - can you help me with those?
Yes!  In our workshops we often include sections which focus specifically on improving sustainability in the product life cycle; it depends on what you want.  And under our cost-optimization umbrella, packaging changes are usually good for the environment, process changes can reduce the resources needed and waste generated, and reformulations can also improve sustainability.  See an example in our short case study video.  Saving money by reducing waste benefits our planet!

We need ongoing savings but there’s a lot of pushback about adding ‘yet another program’ - how do I convince my company that this is the right thing to do? 
The key is to ensure that saving money complements and contribute to existing needs, rather than making it an additional program.  Eliminating waste needs to be embraced as an integral part of the company strategy: in order to fund the marketing or R&D budget, for example, lasting savings can contribute greatly.  Or you can combine saving money with your environmental sustainability initiative so the two become one.  Please
call us to discuss potential strategies!

Nobody wants to attend ‘another boring offsite’ event.  How do you tackle this with your workshops?
We take a lively, hands-on, interactive approach to idea generation which stimulates minds - without any of those awkward ‘group back rub’ moments.  And we set expectations by engaging with your people before the event.  Our formal feedback process shows 98% approval of our methods and results!  Once we start working with a company, internal word of mouth gets people interested in participating – in two recent workshops the organizers even had to tell some people they couldn’t come!  Also, if you’re interested in creating an ongoing program, we can train your key people to structure and run productive, fun workshops themselves.

What makes Alchemy different from other consultants who promise to save money for my company?
Three major differences:

  1. Our focus is on redesigning product packaging and formulas to enhance value to you and your consumers
  2. The results you achieve with us are sustainable
  3. We lead a network of business professionals with deep experience in manufacturing, supply, procurement, R&D, product development and packaging as well as cost reduction

The big names don’t have our deep experience in product cost optimization, and offer it as an afterthought. Also, when you work with Alchemy the people you see on this website are the people you will be working with directly.

I’ve tried cost reduction programs before and they didn’t work or last – what’s different about Alchemy?
We believe it’s critical to drill to the heart of your costs before generating ideas which are challenging but realistic, often involving changes such as redesigning and reformulating which provide ongoing savings and enhancements.  We believe it is essential to only make changes that will maintain or increase the consumer’s enjoyment of your products.  Our customers can tell you

With our experience of what works and what doesn't, we can develop an internal program with you that encourages a culture of saving, so it’s not a one-time benefit.  Please contact us for details.

What types of products or industries do you work with?
If your product involves a formula or a package, we can help you!  Our experience has primarily been in personal care, food, household cleaning and OTC products, but our approach works on other categories including toys, pet supplies, automotive products, crafts, direct mail, do-it-yourself  tools, gardening supplies, and cosmetics.  As you'll see in our customers'
testimonials, brands benefitting from Alchemy-led programs include Lysol®, Axe™, Dove™, Close-Up™, Clorox®, Durex®, French’s®, Milex® and Emergen-C®.

​I don’t have the budget to hire resources – how do I overcome this?                                        
Alchemy pays for itself quickly with great return on your investment, and our cost is small compared to the savings we find.  In times of tight budgets we’re probably your best option: we provide a flexible resource without the costs and complications of a permanent employee!  And you get your money’s worth as you only pay for our time and direct expenses - not for fancy buildings, white papers, executive benefits, or other overhead.  See
examples of our typical ROI in our three case studies.

Are you competitively priced?
Absolutely!  We even encourage you to get competitive bids - we know we’re competitive (maybe even a bargain!) and we also provide what others typically don’t –

  1. Knowing upfront the maximum you’ll pay, versus open-ended pay-as-you-go or a percentage of savings
  2. Getting hands-on Supply and R&D experts with 25+ years of product cost optimization, versus brand new MBAs
  3. Excellent ROI because our results immediately pay back multiple times your investment in us - if we don’t think we can deliver on this, we’ll tell you.

Most people think that cutting cost hurts product quality – what’s your answer to that? 
We know that you can cut the cost and keep the quality.  We help you find smart savings – they may take more digging to find, but we only encourage ideas which protect or even improve quality while saving money.  And many of the solutions implemented are invisible to consumers - check out our short
before-and-after product slide show in the top right corner of our Home page! 

Redesigning products takes too long; why not just save money by cutting people?
Headcount reductions are temporary, and damaging to your business in time.  We promise lasting savings by eliminating waste in the packaging, formulations and processes, and many ideas can be quick wins.  You need your experienced people; don’t write off your investment in them!

See other things we won't do in a small slide-show on the page About Us.

Are workshops the only thing you do?
We can do much more!  See the left side of our
Services page, or just give us a call!