Key Skills

Partnering – Wherever I work, I believe each person is equally important and brings unique skills which are valuable to our shared success.  I also know that open communication and trust generate greater results for everyone involved, whether redesigning products for savings, setting up supply agreements, or launching new products.

Operations Analysis – Numbers and products fascinate me, and the largest chunk of our work involves thorough analysis then applying our findings.  My focus is intense whether working on a spreadsheet or speaking with consumers while researching products.

Leadership and Organizational Skills – A trait considered ‘bossy’ as a kid has turned into leadership in project management, workshop planning, and operational efficiency in everything.  With this drive and a very thrifty upbringing, I continuously seek better ways to do things which invariably save time, money or other resources.

Shaun Rymer

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Based in the New York City area, I bring over 30 years of operations experience with special emphasis on cost optimization and teamwork.  A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, I spent 15 years in manufacturing and procurement, then developed and led highly successful cost optimization programs in North America and Australasia along with new product launches.  Seeing a need in the market, I returned to my passion of helping people find and deliver cost savings by launching Alchemy Partners Network in 2010.