Case Study: Independent Analysis and Recommendations
Customer:  Dairy Products Manufacturer 
Goal:  Increase company focus on driving cost out of its family nutrition products and processes 

  • Company mission includes creating and growing consumer value, making environmentally-sensitive decisions ‘from cow to consumer’ and responsibly producing high quality natural dairy products

  • Family nutrition products are sold in a wide variety of countries in a variety of traditional formats including tins, bags (stand-up and pillow), bag-in-box

  • Focused predominantly on packaging and harmonization, the objective was to develop a portfolio of quantified cost saving ideas assessed for implementation

Process Overview:

  • Desk based analysis conducted by an Alchemy Partner over 6 weeks using relevant company data and products

  • Harmonization and product redesign options generated using data, market / technology reviews and expertise within the Alchemy network

  • Technical feasibility and potential hurdles to implementation assessed; and ideas quantified and prioritized


  • Annual savings and enhancements identified – conservatively Euro 5.4 million

  • Presented recommendations in review with key stakeholders and action plan for 30 key projects agreed

  • ROI based on 1 average value savings project was in excess of 700% or 7 times the investment made in Alchemy's resources 

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Case Study: Factory-based Workshop, our most popular service
Customer:  Global Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Company
Goal:  Revitalize existing savings program and replenish savings pipeline

  • Consumer products manufacturer is no longer getting results by 'doing it the way they'd always done it' 

  • Finding savings is mostly a Supply Chain responsibility 

  • Focus is on personal care products, mainly liquid in bottle formats, to find savings for current year plus next 3 years 

Process Overview:

  • Scope, goals and approaches discussed and agreed, leading to a 2-day workshop, with maximum cost agreed as well

  • Customer collected requested business data over 4 weeks

  • The project leader, an Alchemy Partner, analyzed company data over 2 weeks to customize and create tools and workshop structure

  • Factory-based workshop held with 20 cross-functional participants, coached by Alchemy Partner and a network partner

  • Savings ideas generated, categorized and prioritized; top ideas developed into project briefs during the workshop 


  • Annual savings and enhancements identified - conservatively $23 million from ideas with project briefs

  • Alchemy fee was equal to 1 year's savings from 1 small project

  • One year later: Of the 13 top ideas developed, 7 were underway or implemented already, and annual savings were estimated at $21.7 million