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​​With 150+ years collective experience across our team in Supply and R&D for consumer products, and with
strong focus in cost-optimization, cross-functional team leadership and innovative ideation, we have developed and led highly successful savings programs in North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 


Collaborating to make great companies even greater!
​Global Supply Chain Director, Unilever:  "​...The results from the two workshops exceeded my expectations and delivered excellent return on investment. Alchemy brings a unique, out of the box approach to brainstorming and ideation. This approach unlocked the potential of our internal team to generate new value improvement ideas and..." ​

​​Two of these examples saved over $1 million/year, two saved over $250k/year, and many changes are invisible!

​​​​Consumer-Focused Product [Re]Design for Value and Growth

​Our innovative techniques encompass all costs of goods produced, including packaging redesign, product reformulation, processing changes and quality improvements.

​Welcome!  Together we find creative yet practical solutions that make your products better for your consumers, easier to produce, and grow your profits.

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We are pleased to provide these services improving your cost of goods produced -

  • Design and lead customized on-site savings workshops with your cross-functional team
  • Independently analyze your products to identify savings
  • Create a self-sustaining savings program, including coaching​